Saturday, January 20, 2007

Granite Stone Horse

This horse has been finished in Granite Stone acrylic. Comes with or without the wreath. Can go in the garden in a sheltered spot.
$100 us.Sold

Dark Bay Appaloosa

This appaloosa is done with partial glaze on the blanket and eyes. The rest has been dry brushed with acrylics. $125 us.

Antique Blue Angel Horse

This winged horse has its wings upright. Antiqued with blue translucents with crystals on the wings. $150 us.

Steel Grey Angel Horse

Here is a large ceramic winged-horsel Dry brushed with acrylics with sparkles on the wings. $150 us.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Arabian horse with Wreath

This is done in a Granite Stone finish, with or without the wreath. This particular horse was made for Heather. Thanks Heather! I really appreciate your business.
The sad story is that Heather bought the lovely Grey Arab(seen below). I packed it with bubble wrap, styrofoam and shredded paper and plastic and fired it off Canada Post. It arrived 2 weeks later, broken into peices. I could've cried. The insurance I had on it was for Loss only. Apparently, there is no such thing as insurance for breakage.
Heather and her husband have been awesome throughout the whole event. I am now offering this Granite Stone one as a replacement and I am sending it UPS this time and paying them to wrap it ( that is the only way I can get insurance for breakage) SOLD

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Some early work

This is my largest horse that I have.

I painted this one to be a young dapple grey Arab.

I will paint your favorite horse, just send me a photo to work from.

The eyes are glazed with a crystal tone glaze and fired to cone 04.

The Buddha is Hoitei, The Laughing Buddha. He stands just over 18 inches. His belly is double glazed with a Mother of Pearl.

The rest of him is painted with acrylic and metallics. (oh and I glazed his eyes and toenails too!)

Both can be in the Garden but need to be over wintered in a sheltered spot.